Love Tails


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A short tale of love:
Two came together, love grew, and they lived happily ever after!

Mr. and Mrs Mouseling are an original illustration of mine, that I hand carved into 2 separate blocks of linoleum (one for each color), and then letterpress printed on my antique printing press. The greeting inside reads:

I’m wishing you, dear Husband,
A day that’s bright and glad,
Glowing with sweet memories
Of the many joys we’ve had,
And may the days to follow
still more bright and happy be,
As we dance through life together,
Forever, You and me!

Card is printed in brown and pink on heavyweight card stock. It comes with a pink envelope, and will be packed in cellophane for protection.

Size is A2 (4.25″ x 5.5″ Folded)

All art and images property of Pup & Pony Press